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How does the program work?

Our mission is simple:  to target “at risk” groups of young children, bring them                                                                               FREE personalized books and get them so excited about reading that they never                                                                             want to put their books down!


Our program is even simpler:  We partner with local businesses and community                                 organizations that help us pay for personalized books for each of the children.  We tailor the sponsorship amount,                                                         location and timing to fit each of our sponsors’ individual needs.  Our sponsors are listed in                                                         each of the books and on our website. 


So what makes our program different from all the other wonderful causes out there?  Well, while there are lots of worthy causes to support, we like to think that our program offers our sponsors perks beyond the usual thank you letter.  While many programs ask you to write a check, and then you never hear from them again until the next sponsorship request, that’s not how we do things at the MDL Give A Book.  Our wonderful sponsors come with us to fun book celebrations where each sponsor has the chance to meet and interact with the children and personally hand out the books to these special kids.  Many of our sponsors have been with us for years, and new and old sponsors continue to tell me that once they attended a book celebration, met the children and experienced the excitement these books create, they’re hooked!

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